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Secure & Extensible Generative AI Platform
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The first Secure & Agnostic Generative AI platform

The Secure Generative AI platform
Sage can write code

From coding to insight gathering.

- Average of 35X increase of human velocity
- Cloud-Agnostic: cloud-agnostic platform, capable of running anywhere, on any cloud, or even on-premise.
- Model-Agnostic: supports open source and commercial large language models, including those from Google, Anthropic, Azure OpenAI, and many more.
- Strong Community: with over 13,000 government teams and 2,500 companies using Ask Sage, we've addressed a wide range of use cases and pain points.
- Multi-modal: text, images (generation & analysis) and voice.
- Allows for the secure ingestion of your data, and real-time API and live searches.
- Rapid and automated processing of large amounts of structured and unstructured data with dozens of use cases from coding to cybersecurity to compliance to data analysis to contracting, acquisition and more.

Knows DoD policies and compliance

Ingest your data securely with zero trust and privacy in mind

We can ingest anything from YouTube video scripts to PDF to JSON to CSV to code to real-time APIs and Data lakes.

Ask Sage has implemented zero trust label based access control so you can define who can see what data, when and where.

Ask Sage has addressed privacy concerns that organizations may have with ChatGPT by leveraging a dedicated Azure OpenAI endpoint that is ITAR compliant and runs on Azure FedRAMP high commercial region. As a strategic partner of Microsoft, Microsoft has disabled human tracking/review of the queries, and humans have no access to those prompts/replies.

Additionally, data is not used to train the models, which effectively mitigates any residual risk. Ask Sage complies with the most stringiest government requirements.

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LBAC access control and zero trust baked-in
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Structured/Unstructured Data
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Live queries from data lakes & real-time APIs
Ingest any content, even real time queries!

Real-time API integrations and live search queries.

Ask Sage can seamlessly connect to your data lakes and databases.  Our agents and plugins can also provide references, follow decision trees and pull real-time data from various APIs.

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Real-time Queries powered by additional APIs/data with dozens of connectors from Postgres to GitHub to SharePoint to Elastic, and more.
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Information Extraction, Categorization, Summarization & Translation.
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Natural Language Generation, Sentiment Analysis, Q&A and more.

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