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Ask Sage is a LLM agnostic, versatile and extensible Generative AI platform, on any cloud or on-premise, for commercial and government teams.

Ingest your data securely with zero trust and privacy in mind

Ingest anything from DOCX to PDF to JSON to CSV to code to real-time APIs and Data lakes. Ask Sage has implemented zero trust label based access control so you can define who can see what data, when and where.

Granular access control and zero trust baked-in
Structured/Unstructured Data
Real-time Queries powered by additional APIs/data
with dozens of connectors from Postgres to GitHub
to SharePoint to Elastic, and more.

Agnostic & Flexible

Not gettng locked-in to a single LLM or Cloud provider is essential. You need diversity of options. Nobody knows what capability is coming next and who will bring it to market. We support it all from on premise to clouds to air-gapped.

Ingest data once and tap any LLM with a single API
Supports 20+ LLMs and growing (including multi-modal)
Hundreds of plugins & personas and prompt template

From coding to insight gathering.

Cloud-Agnostic: cloud-agnostic platform, capable of running anywhere, on any cloud, or even on-premise.

Model-Agnostic: supports open source and commercial large language models, including those from Google, Anthropic, Azure OpenAI, and many more.

Strong Community: with over 13,000 government teams and 2,500 companies using Ask Sage, we've addressed a wide range of use cases and pain points.

Multi-modal: text, images (generation & analysis) and voice.

Allows for the secure ingestion of your data, and real-time API and live searches.

Rapid and automated processing of large amounts of structured and unstructured data with dozens of use cases from coding to cybersecurity to compliance to data analysis to contracting, acquisition and more.

Features That Set Ask Sage Apart

Ask Sage offers a signature blend of tools that elevate yourinteraction, providing a standout experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Cloud Agnostic

Capable of running anywhere, on any cloud, or even on-premise, providing the flexibility to operate in any environment.

Model Agnostic

Access a vast amount of large language models, including Azure OpenAI, Anthropic, Google, open-source models, and many more.


Built with robust security features to meet the highest level of security and privacy, including zero-trust security and label-based access control.

Data Training

Train data once and leverage it across multiple LLMs, saving valuable time and resources while avoiding single-model solution lock-in.


Ask Sage supports text, image generation, image analysis, and audio, allowing for a wide range of applications.


Engage with our thriving user community to learn, share experiences, and leverage the success of others to accelerate performance.

Plugins / Agents

Enable custom decision trees, human assisted or not, with dozens of existing use cases and integrations.


AskSage offers a complete API and integrations to data lake databases for real-time data capture, among other integrations.


AskSage offers a cost-effective solution, with options to buy tokens in bulk and manage their distribution among your team.

Enhance Human Capabilities with Our Cutting-Edge Generative AI Platform

Use cases for everyone

Ask Sage's versatile and extensible Generative AI platform can be tailored to meet your specific use case, driving productivity and efficiency.

Turn into 35 developers

Say goodbye to tedious manual tasks and embrace the future of software development and cybersecurity with Ask Sage.

Ask Sage can review an entire Git repository, scan for cyber vulnerabilities, suggest performance improvements, automatically document your code, and create a merge request for human review with all recommended fixes and improvements.

The platform significantly increases the productivity of software developers, automating the generation of code and enabling frequent releases regardless of team size. Ask Sage can convert user stories into about 90% of the code, multiple times a day, and even correct its own mistakes.

From 5 days to 32 minutes

From responding to a government RFP to analyzing past performance and product fit, Ask Sage can be leveraged by organizations looking to supercharge their contracting and acquisition process to gain a competitive edge.

In this video, we demonstrate how Ask Sage can be leveraged to check past performance, analyze and summarize an RFP/RFI, write a comprehensive response, and even assess if the response meets the RFP requirements and acceptance criteria.

But the capabilities of Ask Sage don't stop there. Ask Sage can also be utilized by bidders to write the RFP or Request for Information (RFI), and even to grade RFP responses to streamline the down selection process for awards.

From 6 months to 7 hours

From GDPR to FedRAMP to CMMC to SOC2, cybersecurity and compliance is expensive and time consuming. Ask Sage enables you to drastically automate the generation of compliance and cybersecurity artifacts, accurately and with transparency.

In this video, we'll guide you through the steps we took to generate Ask Sage's cybersecurity documents with the 1,200 NIST Cybersecurity Control for 800-53, in just 7 hours for few hundred dollars of tokens, compared to a 3PAO company's quote of $300,000 and 4 to 6 months of work.

Experience the game-changing potential of AI-driven cybersecurity compliance.

3-year backlog gone in 2 months

Thanks to Ask Sage connectors to data lakes and APIs, Ask Sage enables seamless access to real-time data and brings data analysis capability to the next level.

VetsGuardian were faced with a significant challenge: a 3-year backlog of medical records, each requiring 8 to 14 hours of manual processing.

The solution? Ask Sage and our medical extraction plugin. In just one month, Ask Sage cleared their backlog, transforming a process that would have required 50 new hires into an efficient, automated system.

All this, for just a few thousand of dollars of tokens.

Automated Tasks

Leveraging Ask Sage agents, plugins or APIs, customers can drastically automate complex tasks and decisions.

In this video, we demonstrate how Ask Sage can revolutionize the human resources sector. We focus on the process of ingesting resumes and, thanks to clever prompt engineering, vetting and grading candidates based on unbiased criteria.

We walk through a practical example of using Ask Sage to analyze resumes for a Java developer position. We show how to create a dataset, ingest resumes securely, and use prompt engineering to extract insights and grade candidates against the job description. We also demonstrate how Ask Sage can be used to create job descriptions and selection criteria, providing a comprehensive solution for HR teams.

Faster, Better, Smarter.

Experience a productivity increase of 10 to 35x with Ask Sage's powerful Generative AI platform, and join our thriving community to learn from shared experiences and best practices in bringing Generative AI to teams across organizations.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? We’ve got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers? We’ve got you covered!

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