Driving Outcomes

Ask Sage: The GPT Platform with Baked-in Security for the Financial Industry with Data & Intellectual
Property Protection

Endless use cases

Sage can write code

From risk management to compliance monitoring to customer service.

- Built on top of the robust Generative AI capabilities of GPT and GPT-like technologies with various personas, with a vast amount of financial sector-related data, including regulations, policies, and more.
- Allows for the ingestion of custom datasets, including as real-time API, enabling rapid and automated processing of large amounts of structured and unstructured data (including sensitive data), providing sentiment analysis, summaries, translations, coding, and deep insights.
- Reduces the time and effort required for research and analysis, allowing teams to focus on higher-level decision making and strategic tasks, augmenting human capacities by as much as 60-80% of their workload.
- Designed to support financial institutions, banks, hedge funds, and other financial sector customers, providing accurate answers and performing various tasks in a natural language format to help teams make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and reduce costs with zero-trust cybersecurity features to ensure data privacy and security.
- Our platform is composable and can be fully automated by leveraging decision trees and plugin integrations, and we can tap into data lakes, data warehouses, and financial APIs to provide real-time insights delivered in the form of human-like responses.

Knows DoD policies and compliance

We ingest your data securely with privacy in mind, Ask Sage does the rest.

We can ingest anything from financial reports to market data to PDF to JSON to CSV to real-time APIs and data lakes, including sensitive data such as PII and financial data.

Ask Sage has addressed privacy concerns that organizations may have with ChatGPT by leveraging a dedicated Azure OpenAI endpoint that runs on Azure FedRAMP high commercial region. The sensitive data hosted by Ask Sage remains on Azure Government and the bulk data never leaves the Azure Gov enclave. As a strategic partner of Microsoft, Microsoft has disabled human tracking/review of the queries, and humans have no access to those prompts/replies. Additionally, data is not used to train the OpenAI models, which effectively mitigates any residual risk.

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Financial reports, market data, etc.
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Structured/Unstructured Data
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Live search queries, real-time APIs
Ingest any content, even real time queries!

Real-time API integrations and live search queries.

From financial reports to market data to sensitive financial information, Ask Sage is capable of handling a wide range of use cases. Ask Sage is also capable of providing references, following decision trees, and pulling real-time data from various APIs to provide real-time insights and support decision-making.

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Real-time Queries powered by additional APIs/data
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Information Extraction, Categorization, Summarization & Translation
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Natural Language Generation, Sentiment Analysis, Q&A and more.

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